Little Harbour, Sandy Cay, Tilloo Bank

Suggest that you depart Hopetown mid morning and head south with a stop at Sandy Cay Reef for some terrific snorkeling and/or scuba diving. There are moorings at Sandy Cay. You will see all kinds of fish, rays and, if you’re lucky, a turtle or two. No fishing allowed here. After your stop at Sandy Cay, go south to Little Harbour and have a great lunch at Pete’s Pub. On your return to Hopetown, stop in at Tilloo Bank, an extensive sand bar extending off the southern end of Tilloo Cay for some snorkeling, sand dollars, starfish, and shells. You should end up back in Hopetown around 3 or 4pm. For this trip, try and pick a calm day as there is a lot of boating. If it is rough waters, there will be a lot of pounding through the waves.